Here are some testimonials from women who used the P-Mate. If you want to add a review, please use the button GUESTBOOK on the bottom, or send us a message through the CONTACT page, or send an email to:

MOST EXCELLENT IDEA! 8/1/2015 by Patricia

I wish these had been around my entire life. Would have been so helpful and comforting in so many situations. We woman have to put up with a lot but this problem is solved. Thank you creators !

“GO” WITH THE GUYS! 8/1/2015 by VIVIAN
I recently used the P-Mate while on a fishing trip down the Delaware. With two male fishing mates close by, I was able to “stand up and pee” discretely – no muss, no fuss. From now on I will be certain to carry it on walks, hikes, fishing and other times when ‘facilities’ are lacking. Just put it in a plastic bag with a packet of tissues and you’re able to ‘’go’ where the guys ‘go’. Bottom line? A great idea.

IMPRESSED 6/21/2015 by Gail
I was very impressed with the “P-Mate”. It works incredibly well for what it is. Because I go out rockhounding, camping, and hiking often, I carry some in my glove compartment, my camping things, and my backpack.

Very practical and useful. This is a re-order for me and will continue to use them.

NOT JUST FOR WOMEN! 4/10/2015 by Jim
The P-MATE is also perfect for men and boys who are passengers on long road trips when, for whatever reason, you cannot stop to “go”. I’m going to explain this as modestly as I can, and lets all be mature here…
If you are wearing loose shorts, the P-MATE can slip up the inner leg where the leg band of the underwear (if you are wearing it) can be lifted, and this will allow you to funnel the urine into a container.
But for many guys who are wearing pants with zippers, we all know that, when sitting, the zipper doesn’t align with where your guy-parts are; so we either have to pull our pants down and attempt to aim into a bottle that has to be held in an awkwardly non-upright position, or illegally remove our seatbelt and turn around into a kneeling position to aim into a container while giving passers-by an eyeful.

With the P-MATE, you don’t have to go through all of that. All a guy has to do, while in a sitting, buckled-in position, is just tear off the small end wall of the P-MATE, pull down the pants zipper, place the P-Mate beside or south of the zipper, and place his guy-part in through the removed end wall while directing the other end of the P-MATE into a container.
Simply cover yourself with a shirt, jacket, towel, blanket, etc., for privacy. It may sound complicated, but it isn’t!

SMART DESIGN! 3/30/2015 by Carrie  
This has got to be the smartest thing in female products since the first mini-pad. I bought these for my concert/festival going, bar hopping, 20-something daughter and neices. They were thrilled!

WELL WORTH THE MONEY 3/20/2015 by Veronica
I was hoping to not use them on my trip to Africa, but I always kept a pack of P-Mates inside my purse just in case. As predicted, there came a time where there was no way to sit, squat, or otherwise be near the toilet, so I successfully used the P-Mate!
It was worth purchasing, always knowing that I could go to the bathroom when I needed to.
Suggestion: Practice with one in the privacy of your own bathroom before you venture out in the world!
Keep a small pack of baby wipes as a companion to the P-Mate.

I’m so thrilled someone came out with something so we women can stop squatting!

P-MATE 2/13/2015 Donna
They are very functional when the need arises…great for car trips! You never know what the restrooms may be like while you’re traveling…gave one to one of my girlfriends and we had a good laugh, but she’ll use them when she goes camping!

THRILLED 2/13/2015 Michelle
Fantastic, all the girls in my family have tried it and are thrilled

They were very much appreciated by all the other ladies in the family. Frequent travelers, campers, concert-goers; everyone was excited to have these in their bag for future needs.

GREAT IDEA! 12/18/2014 Trish
This is a great invention for women who love to spend time outdoors but find it cumbersome to carry a toilet with them.

5 STARS 12/10/2014 Charmaine
Terrific product. I have bought a number of these. Some are for gifts, especially for friends and relatives who travel a lot. Also gave samples to my GYN doctor and to my Geriatric doctor. They may want to offer your name to patients.

As a woman serving in the military this product is very useful, especially when you do not have access to a toilet. Also, you do not have to take off all of your equipment to use the restroom, which can be essential for time efficiency and safety. Highly recommend this product. Thank you for your support!

I love P-Mate! We travel often and it is a life saver. I keep one in the car, one in my purse and travel with lots of them. I recently used one in an emergency when we were at a concert and the ports-potties had long lines. Walking to the car my husband and I popped into some thick trees and I got to pee right along side him! I starting using them while training for a half marathon and will not give them up!  Funny story: While at the airport in Orlando leaving for Norway I was wearing 3 layers of clothing and did not want to take everything down, so I used a P-Mate while standing up in the ladies room stall. Well, it sounds completely different from sitting and shocked the others in the room. One brave woman kept washing her hands until I came out of the stall and looked me up and down concentrating on what I may be hiding under my jeans! LOL. I smiled sweetly.

I am a woman that hunts and fishes and have shared my backside with TOO MANY OTHERS. Thanks for restoring my dignity in the woods.

Brilliant!!  UK

I’m forty years old and IT’S A PITY THAT I’VE WAITED FOR SO LONG. It really works! It feels like liberation. No more dirty gas stations, no more calculations if you can have another drink, no more fear of getting caught with bare buttocks in the headlights. The P-Mate is really marvelous. Kind regards and lots of success with spreading this good news further.

Liberation at last! Works amazingly well!

Good idea-much more hygienic! GREAT!! Ireland

Weird at first but WHAT AN INVENTION!  Fantastic!

An exhilarating and surprisingly hygienic experience!

AMAZING!! The best thing ever invented for woman. I feel like a real woman now-he he.


This needs to be commercially available – why didn’t they invent it years ago?

Ridiculously funny, but works great!

Absolutely, bloody excellent! About time! UK

Fantabulous idea! How much fun!

How cool is that – peeing standing up. FRANCE

Hygienic, amazing and practical for sure! Here we are guys!

Great, better than hovering over the long drops!

No mess, no hover, all good!

Wow, female liberation, bring on the urinals! P-Mate rocks!  DENMARK

Other stories:

I tried this product after I saw it in the PX here in Iraq. I love it. I can stand up and don’t have to go out when it is inconvenient or unsafe. I found that when you can’t go out, the opening fits into an empty bottle very well. I have recommended it to all the women that I work with. Thank you for a very well made product.
PC Cooper Dayton, OH LT  USN
Dear P-Mate, I am an female US Marine and am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I cannot tell you how hard it is for us females to urinate when we are out. With everything we have on and carry squatting is just plain bad. I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled back into the vehicle with my pants still half down and all the male Marines laughing about my predicament. I received your product in a care package not too long ago and WOW!!!! How much easier my life has been with it. Funny story the first time I used it. No one knew what I was doing until they saw I was peeing. Many where in awe of me standing up and a little frightened at the fact I was able to do so. I have turned on many of my female companions to the awesomeness of your product and trust me you will be getting lots of business very soon. Again thank you for your AMAZING product.
Jess US Marine, Afghanistan
I just returned from a 2 wk. river cruise to Russia and I have to tell you how grateful I am for the P-mates.  I ordered them “just in case”, not really thinking I would need them; however, they were a lifesaver.  There were many occasions where the toilets were only concrete holes in small stalls and all the women were having a difficult time squatting.  It was especially difficult because we were dressed in layers of clothing because of the very cold temperature.  I was able to use the P-mates easily and it was so convenient  to remain standing and staying dry.  I could have sold them many times over.
Thanks, Blake
I’m reordering because these are a godsend! You can use my testimonial if you like…
I’m the only woman on a landscaping crew in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is there no bathroom in nature, it’s often raining sideways! Just try pulling down rain pants, Carhartts, and long underwear at the same time while attempting to stay dry!  P-Mate has been nothing short of miraculous. Thanks!
Ann S.
P-mates are essential for multi-day music festivals. By the end of the weekend the port-o-potties are so foul, but I don’t have to worry because I always take my P-mates! Such a relief!
Here’s my story.  I am a 27 year old with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.  I lead a quite active life outside of my house.  Because of my illness and my active life style, I have been forced to think outside of the box to accomplish some very routine activities.  Public restrooms have always been a challenge.  I do not have the strength to rise from a public handicap toilet.  Therefore, I generally take a plastic Solo cup with me on my outings.  To keep from returning home every time I needed to go to the bathroom, I found an alternative that was not fabulous but got the job done.  I would stand and peeing in my plastic Solo cup.  This worked okay…..until the cup was almost full and I was not done.  I would then have to stop peeing, dump the cup in the toilet, re-position, and resumed peeing.  This was very tricky and not much fun, but better than hurrying back home every time nature called!  My husband ran across a Lady J in a Cabelus magazine.  I checked in to it, but did not feel it was very sanitary.  Lady J’s are made of hard plastic and are reusable.  I didn’t feel this would solve my problem because it would have to be cleaned after every use and was rather large to carry around with you.  So my hunt began for something disposable.  I found P-mate’s on the Internet after a Goggle search of Pee Like A Man.  I placed an order and could not wait for them to arrive so I could try them out.   Upon P-Mate’s arrival, I tried them out at home before taking them on the road.  And they work great!!  No more pinching it off to empty the cup.  P-Mate has allowed me freedom from my home for longer periods of time.   Thanks! 
B. Welch, Tennessee
When I first saw this product, my first reaction was to laugh. Then I thought about my upcoming trip to Europe, where I have frequently found public toilets without toilet seats on past trips. I ordered some “just in case” for my trip. What a life saver! The area that we were traveling in was fairly rural and I did not see a toilet with a seat for the whole week except the one in our hotel room. This device made my life much easier as it made it easy and clean to use these toilets without a seat. I intend to keep one in my purse even for domestic road trips as I think it would be handy for those times when you find those “Ew!” toilets in gas stations!
The P-mate is outstanding!  (I know it’s stupid humor but there must be some way you could use out-standing in your sales pitch.)  I had no problem adjusting to using them.  The sturdiness and size were of concern before I tried them.  I was thinking they were not as discreet to carry around as the Urinelle brand. (not that that mattered at Burning Man!)  As it turned out, that is exactly why I liked them.  The other product did not hold up after being folded. The Urinelle brand was flimsy, not shaped as nicely and I peed all over my jeans on a hike using one!  Thank goodness it was a short hike and a sunny day.  Nothing like the aroma of sun-dried p-jeans.  P-mate is sized much more appropriately.  I have no complaints.  I’m sharing my supply of  P-mates with my friends.  They are amazed that there is such a product available.
The P-Mate was researched on the Internet while being highly recommended on various web sites for outdoor hiking for females. My husband researched and ordered this product for me a month ago and I compared it to another brand. Your product works likes a charm and is easier to use. Thanks!
This summer I was lucky enough to have off from work, so I took advantage and went on at least 20 trips hiking all over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and trips into Nevada hunting for gold, minerals, rocks, and gems.  I am sure you are aware that more men than women would be into geology, makes it tough for women when there are no facilities and the guys like to peek!  And believe me we went to places where there were no facilities, many places had no bushes or even tree’s to hid behind! I am so glad for the P-Mate.  So small I could hide them in my backpack and very easy to use.  I love it that I could use one several times before having to dispose of it.  Actually I used only four over a 3 day trip.  It freed up that pocket in my backpack for essentials, like sunscreen and chap stick.  I love it that the P-Mate is biodegradable and will degrade in 1 years time or less.  The guys really couldn’t believe it when I STOOD next to a drop off just like they do! It was quite fun actually.
My husband and I travel frequently internationally..sometimes to some out-of-the-way places, where nice “rest rooms” are non-existent.  Actual toilet facilities can be a standard “Arabic toilet” which is a hole in the ground surrounded by raised pads for your feet, or, more likely, a deep hole in the dirt, if that. Either is difficult for Western women, and I often used to wish I could discretely aim like a man!  There is a product which has solved this issue — it is unglamorously called the “P-Mate” and is a foldable, disposable, shaped funnel which allows a woman to void standing up. This is totally brilliant and works like a charm. It would also be great for hiking, skiing, camping, etc.
I am writing to thank the designers of the P-Mate — a very enthusiastic “thank you!”
Last February, 2007, I traveled from Michigan to Baltimore, Maryland, for hip replacement surgery. In the two months before surgery, I did a lot of research and planning ahead. The two day drive home was a major concern because I couldn’t think of any practical way to use a restroom. Hip replacement requires weeks of restricted bending that would make it difficult — even with handicapped bars to hang onto. The idea of lugging a large plastic seat raiser into the restroom, while using a walker at the same time, then trying to clean it at the sink or put it back into a container without cleaning it, was not appealing. I heard, on an internet forum, about aids to enable a woman to pee standing up, and found that idea enticing. A search found a number of brands on the Internet and, being skeptical, I wanted to try some out before depending on one. I ordered three different disposable kinds, knowing that these would be much easier than the kind that needed to be cleaned after use. I  gave each brand at least three tries before giving up. The only one that didn’t leak all over was the P-Mate. The way that it is contoured to fit the body made for success on the first try. The longer extension makes it easier to aim than the others that I sampled. I wore a skirt home to make it easier and P-Mate was a perfect companion. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have that problem solved. In the weeks since then I have been able to go to visit friends or take drives without worrying about getting too far from home. I now am confident enough to wear slacks and find them no problem. Only once with P-Mate was there a slight leak and as soon as I shifted the device a bit further back, it immediately stopped before getting on my clothing. Soon my weeks of restricted bending will be over, but P-mate will remain. Next October I am having my other hip replaced and this ingenious device will be indispensable again. But even after that, I will always have one or two in my purse. Dirty restrooms, porta-potties, and airplane restrooms will be so much easier to use. A simple idea, very well designed! I am so very grateful to the “inventor!” Go P-Mate! No pun intended  😀
Peggy uit Michigan
I love Pmates! I tell my boyfriend, who bought them for me, that they are my new best friend. Until I discovered them, I had a terrible time on hikes – especially in National Parks, where restrooms are only on trailheads and there can be WAY to many people to find any privacy. I actually held it in on a hike in Zion National Park for three miles because I couldn’t find any place to go that offered privacy! I have even been exposed, literally, to an entire bus of tourists in Yellowstone. But no more! I can do it wherever I want, and P-mates are incredibly easy to use – my very first try was a complete success. I can’t wait to bring my P-mates snowshoeing (last year I placed my entire rear into a snow drift by accident, which was quite unpleasant).

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