Below you find the manual for a flawless use of your P-Mate:


Unfold the P-Mate, without sqashing the top and fold the backside towards the front. You now have a small container, or the shape of a shoe with a cut off toe.



Lower your pants just a bit or push your skirt aside togehter with your underware. Place the P-Mate in position and push it slightly against your groins. You’ll know when it’s ready!



.Stretch your knees and push your buttocks backwards. Thus pointing the tip of the P-Mate downwards. Relax and et nature takes its course. PEE and feel FREE!



Throw the P-Mate after use in a bin...

2 thoughts on “HOW?

    • MadJack02 says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you very much for your compliment.
      We also think it is a great product!

      Team P-Mate

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