moonDuring a trip through Indonesia in 1998, Moon Zijp was confronted with the fact that she had to deal with difficult circumstances when she needed to pee. That’s why she developted the P-Mate on the Art Academie in Amsterdam (then called “de Plastuit”, which is Dutch for urinating device). With the P-Mate she could pee standing up, and she demonstrated at performances. The primairy result were of course laughter and funny reactions, but mostly a lot of positive response.

Good ideas linger and interest grow in 1999. After she was invited to demonstrate the P-Mate on national television in 1999 on the show of Paul de Leeuw Live. The breakthrough could not be stopped.

Overwhelmed by all publicity and interest, she decided to put the P-Mate on the market. From that moment the P-Mate started a real revolution in the ideas of women regarding peeing. And not only in the Netherlands, but in lots of countries all over the world…

Check HERE for highlights of the P-Mate.

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