Can I order P-Mates on line?

Yes, ordering online is possible through our web shop (ORDER NOW). When you have ordered you will receive an invoice. When the funds are in our bank account, we ship the P-Mates to your address within 4 working days.

Can I flush the P-Mate door het toilet spoelen?

The P-Mate is made of bio degradable material, so in theory you can flush it. However, in order to avoid blocking of the toilet (you never know…) we advise you to throw it in a bin.

Can I use P-Mate with trousers?

A skirt is ideal, but with trousers, it is not a problem either. Just lower your trousers a little bit, to place the P-Mate.

Do you sell re-usable P-Mates?

No, we don’t. The demand for re-usable P-Mates is very small, because re-usable FUD’s are dirty at some point, it is not hygeinical. You do not want to walk around with a used FUD.