Corperate Social Responsability (CSR) is for P-Mate BV very important  The P-Mate is produced with 100% fully recyclable carton. This carton comes from sustainable forrests . All used materials like ink, glue, etc. is also 100% eco friendly. For assembly of the products (1Packs, 5Packs),we work with sheltered workshops in the region.



Used materials

Since 2015 the P-Mate is made from a even thicker carton (more safe). The raw compnent (wood) is harvested from PEPC certificied forrests in Finland, Sweden and Russia. The PECP  organization is an international non-profit organization thats strives towards sustainable forestry management. Stora Enso (the supplier of of the carton) is PECP and FCS certificied.



Printing ink and lacquer are water based. Pouches are made from LDPE 04 and can be recycled into tons of other products. We strive towards long term relations ships not only with our clients, but also with our distributors and suppliers.


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