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P-Mate BV

Scarlattistraat 9
2901KH Capelle aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
T: +31 630 68 0519
E: info@p-mate.nl
Chamber of commerce: 50595989
VAT number: NL8228.30.607B01
IBAN: NL10RABO0131603558


12 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. jocelyne eggert says:

    i would like to order p-mates. I have already ordered in the past but you do no accept FRANCE???

  2. Zorana says:

    I was buying p mate last 5-6 years, first every time when I was visiting my friends, then on line, here in UK through Joe Product Promotions,UK. This is a first time that they took my money, didn’t send my order and don’t answer on my emails (even the phone number that they provided cannot be recognise). Could you, please, tell me where else can I buy p mate in UK? I am so used on it. Thank you for your time,

  3. Erkki Lehtinen says:


    I would like to order p-mates to Estonia. Where should I start. How can I register into your site and become a member. I know that you do not have a dealer in Estonia at the moment. I also know a person who was once a dealer in Estonia but he quit this activity about 5 years ago.

    • MadJack02 says:

      Dear Erkki,

      Thanks for your message on the website.
      We’re sorry, but indeed we do not have a dealer in Estonia.
      If you want to order them, please do so through our website.

      Hopefully we will find a dealer soon….

      With kind regards,

      Team P-Mate

    • MadJack02 says:

      Dear Usain,

      I’m sorry, it is extremely busy at this time of the year.

      In order to become our dealer in South Korea, you need to sign a contract and you need to buy a certain amount of stock.
      Also you need a website with a web shop, so you can sell immediately through this webshop.
      This initial stock is 5.000 sets of 5 P-Mates each, including a manual in English and packed in a transparent pouch.
      The price for these 5.000 sets is € 1.75 per set, with a recommended sales price of € 3,15 per set.
      Pricing is excluding VAT and shipment to your address.

      It would be great if you have contacts in the pharmacy shops, or event industry, because these contacts are usefull for future sales.

      Please give it some thoughts and come back to me when you want to proceed.
      Please use jack@p-mate.com dor future communications.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      With kind regards,
      Jack Beerens
      General Manager

      • Usain Kim says:

        Dear. Jack

        I sent an email on the 16th-March. However, I have not received from you till now.
        Could you please check your inbox and reply to it?

        Many thanks in advance for your feedback.


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