“Why sit when you can stand?”

The only real and original urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up, in a comfortable, easy, discreet, but most of all hygienic way, without undressing.

The P-Mate is the ideal solution for women, where a (clean) toilet is missing. Convenient for travelling, during a long car or bus drive, a bike ride, hiking and camping, when you wearing a motorcycle suit or ski outfit, during all sporting activities, events and festivals. But also for submitting a urine sample at the doctor’s office or hospital, or when bending or sitting down (temporarily) is difficult.

The P-Mate is made of specially impregnated and fully recyclable materials with a moisture repellent coating. The anatomical design is developed based on the experiences of many women who use the P-Mate. Perhaps you need to get used to, but then you’re hooked. The P-Mate is sold in wallets or pouches with five or one P-Mate(s). Look in the shop for some good deals. See: ORDER.

“Why wait until you get home?

Where and when can you use the P-Mate:

Private label is of course possible. Please ask us about the possibilities. If you need large amounts of perhaps you want to become our distributor in your country, just send us an e-mail.